My mom is very wise. Correction, she is the wisest person I know. Whenever I have a problem she always knows what to say. She has always been my role model in life. She is my hero, she has accomplished so much in her life that I cannot possibly fit here. In this post I decided to share with you some of the advice my mom has given me over the years. Here it goes:

✔️ No one can ever love you more than you own mother. She is the one person in the entire world that loves you endlessly and unconditionally. It is only natural to say that no one can advice you better than your mom, because she has your best interest at heart. So listen to your mama kids.

✔️ Be kind, smile, say thank you, say please. This is pretty much basics, right? But I am very surprised, and so may be you, that a lot of people are not polite. Saying to someone "Good morning" with a smile is simple enough and costs nothing, plus it can make someone's day.

✔️ Share. Growing up with three siblings is hard. You have to learn how to share. If I would ask my parents for something, they would have to buy it x4 so that none of us was underprivileged. Can you imagine that? I would have turned out to be very selfish and needy. So I learned how to share everything.

✔️ Don't get emotionally attached to houses, get attached to people. When I was younger and my family was still growing, we would move a lot of houses. In every house I made a lot of memories. But I had to be reminded that it wasn't the house that made the memories, it was my family.

✔️ Beauty will get you nowhere, focus on becoming a kind and hard working person. Cause beauty doesn't pay the bills (well unless you are 6 ft tall and a supermodel). You have to use your brain, work hard and focus on becoming better. Also, it means nothing to me if someone is beautiful on the outside, but not on the inside. My parents raised me to be kind, have morals and not be superficial. I would never judge someone based on their looks.

✔️ No one will hand you anything, you have to study and work to become independent in life. Being independent is the most important thing to me. I would never allow myself to be maintained by someone, if I'm able to get a job and make my own money.

✔️ Creating whilst living. It means that you should enjoy the life you have and not wait for something to happen to start living it. You are where you are, so enjoy what you have. Yes, you should work to get what you want, but life is not just work. There should be balance.

✔️ Life is a continuous learning experience. We are only humans. No one has everything figured out in life. We live, we make mistakes, we achieve our own goals and try to keep up.

✔️ Don't be jealous of anyone, love yourself for who you are, and if you want to be more put effort to it. Each one of us is different in their own way. But I know I wouldn't want to have anyone else's life. Well not because my life is perfect, it's not, but I am who I am. I learn from my own mistakes and I get better.

✔️ Nothing good comes without something bad in life. That is the magic of life. Bad things happen to remind you of everything good you have and appreciate it. Be thankful for that. Obstacles may come your way, pray for things to get better, and if it's up to you, work for it.

✔️ You can have both kids and and a career. My mom is a living proof of that. She became a lawyer. After she and my dad got married, my mom had me and then my other siblings, but she couldn't work, because she had to stay home and raise four kids. When she could finally go back to being a lawyer, she realized that she didn't like it. Around that time her father past away. She then decided to study to become a judge. And she did. Shortly after that, my parents got divorced and my mom got custody, we moved cities due to her relocation and it wasn't easy for my dad to visit. So most of the time it was only my mom, working and taking care of four kids. I don't think that anyone can relate to that. She is a hero. Point proven.

✔️ Don't do to someone what you wouldn't want them do to you (Golden Rule). I mean that's pretty self explanatory. I don't get though, for instance, how some of my friends can never be on time, cause I have never stood them up, or anyone. I am usually 5 minutes early to avoid that from happening.

✔️ Don't get a dog if you are living in an apartment. Dogs need space, they need a yard. Otherwise your dog will be unhappy, even if you do all the walking and stuff, which you'll probably also get tired of doing.

And now some for the girls reading this:

✔️ Minimalism...less is more, that applies everywhere. For example, don't pact your house full of stuff (who's gonna do all the dusting?!), you want to come home to relax.

✔️ Don't go overboard with jewelry. Me, I always wear a watch, I like wearing a small necklace or a bracelet, but you won't see me often wearing earrings, or all of the above combined.

✔️ Dark eyeshadow = light lipstick, dark lipstick = light eyeshadow. You want to draw attention to one feature of your face, otherwise you might end up looking like a clown.

✔️ Never wear white, black or red to a wedding. White is for the bride, black is suitable for a funeral and red will probably draw a lot of attention.

✔️ Match your shoes with your bag. You can't go wrong with that, it is a safe choice, but of course not the only one.

I hope you find this useful, probably there's a lot more where that came from, but that's what I was able to remember for now. Mom, you are awesome, thank you, for everything.

See you soon,