Fall has always been a special time of the year for me. I guess it all started back when I was a kid (oh gosh, I keep telling you stories from my childhood), me being the type of person who needs to have a routine, I loved school-time (obviously not studying) so when the summer would end I'd get sooo excited for going back to school. I would go buy my new notebooks and pencils and fancy pencil cases (well... me and sparkly stuff) for the new school year, and you know that smell of new notebooks, oh I loved that smell! Also back to school meant that I'd get to see all my friends again.

So when September pops up, I get this feeling of a new beginning (as it would be if I were still in school), that something big and exciting is about to happen. Suddenly I feel the need to plan my schedule with every little detail, so I go buy a brand new agenda and immediately start writing things down. I get motivated, I forget about any problems and I focus on making the most out of my days. I make lists inside of lists, grocery shopping, wishlists, goals, ideas, places I want to go, food I want to eat, and a lot more. This might seem weird, but I feel that if I write all of those things down it's more likely that I'll accomplish them, probably because I can go back and read them at any time and by then they're not just notes, they're reminders.

Fall equals sweater weather. The weather is getting colder and colder, and the leaves are falling, and you get to wear boots and coats again. It is the most stylish season for sure. You have so many options. Plus, it's the season of all my personal favorite colors; mauve, beige, brown and burgundy. Black is all year long Mary-approved. I own so many clothes for this season, it's unreal, but I just get so excited dressing up. Me + turtlenecks for life!

When it's cold outside I enjoy taking long walks (not when it's raining of course) and being outside in general more, like going out for coffee. I feel that this is because of this fall scent, have you noticed? Fall has it's own scent, is it the leaves? I cannot describe it with words. It's amazing. I am sure somewhere in the world there's a candle called "Fall" with that exact scent.

I also love that it's getting darker sooner in the day, and that when I wake up in the morning it's still dark... The days are getting smaller and smaller, and you want to do more during the day. I find myself having a lot more energy and desire to do stuff, go out, do chores. Is it just me? My schedule is always fully packed, so that I have no excuses to get lazy.

Who wants a hot cappuccino with cinnamon? Well who doesn't? In fall you get to have warm drinks and food again (french onion soup rules!). Oh the food...warm food makes my heart warmer. And since it's not bikini season anymore, you get to eat all day long with no regrets (well, until about Christmas time). Even when you 're feeling down, the best thing to do is order food, lay on your couch with a blanket and watch Netflix. The cozy life has chosen me.

I almost forgot to write this one down: The best thing about fall is that the holidays are just around the corner. I mean that's only the best time of the year! And by now you sure know me, of course I plan ahead for Christmas. How can I not? The stores start putting out their decorations since mid-October. That's when I get the most excited. I'll keep that one for another post, and it's definitely going to be a long one.

I hope I got you all excited as I am for fall time. Did you made plans for the season? What's one thing that you love about fall?

See you soon,